The Dance Art Museum of the Americas

Let’s Dance!!! This will be the initiative of the Dance Art Museum of the Americas. An innovative, diverse, interactive dance museum designed to engage the public in the dance arts while striving towards a more inclusive weaving of dance into the very substance of our society through participation.

The Dance Art Museum of the Americas will be the only dance museum in the country that will offer hands-on stage experiences as well as exhibits, archival materials, and resource centers to create a complex picture of what dance is and can be.

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"Celebration of Dance" Fundraiser a Big Success
In October 2004, the Dance Art Museum of the Americas gathered an impressive number of dancers from New Mexico to perform a full evening of dance from Ballet to Modern, Traditional, Folkloric, and Ethnic, in a successful fund-raiser. Click here to see a gallery of images from the performance!

Masters of Movement: Portraits of America's Great Choreographers
This beautifully crafted cloth bound book by photographer Rose Eichenbaum features 120 never before seen photos of the biggest names in dance. Signed First Edition Now Availble for $20 including Shipping and Handling!

Balanchine Centennial Celebration

In Memoriam, Charlene Tarver, 1930 – 2003

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Dance Art Museum in the News
See the "People & Places: Noteworthy" section of Dance Spirit magazine for a press release on the Dance Art Museum. Click here for more.